Start GOLF at Sudbrook Moor:
Private Coaching from £39 per 45 minute session
with AA PGA Professional Ben Hutton
Ben's personal telephone number - 07966388414


Sudbrook Moor has resident PGA Professional, Ben Hutton, who provides coaching at the club. If starting out in Golf, or maybe been playing a while and aren't playing too well, then perhaps a coaching session may be of benefit to you.


Coaching is available :

Tuesdays to Saturdays 

at Sudbrook Moor Golf Club.

Having a lesson or a couple of lessons when you first get started is the best way to go. This saves time and frustration in trying to learn yourself or from your 26 handicap friend. A lesson will start you off on the right foot getting you playing the right way. You'll learn to grip the club correctly, get your stance and posture correct so you are comfortable and less likely to cause yourself injury when swinging.
Best of all the lesson will take place in our Tuition Bay away from watchful eyes of others. This way you can learn at your own pace without other people watching you. Most people quickly benefit from lessons early in their playing days and develop the bug that will see them on Fairways for many years in the future.
Our Professionals can provide Coaching on any part of the Golf Game:

Fairway Woods
Iron Play
Bunker Play
Course Management

Existing Golfers:
Every Golfer at some point goes through a spell where they have a bad patch. They don't hit the ball as well as they know they can. They might start seeing the odd hook or slice appear or be hitting the ball fat or thin. Maybe they develop a case of the dreaded Shanks. You shouldn't struggle on or get Cocooned. Come along to Sudbrook Moor and book a Coaching session with one of the Professionals they'll be happy to put your game right again.
If you are struggling to get your handicap down then again, maybe you need some coaching to take your game to the next level. A lot of Golfers reach a stage where they can't seem to break a certain Score and move on to the next target. A Coaching Session or a Playing Lesson might help you find something that's holding you back.
So if you feel you need a little bit of help to improve your game, please contact us for advice and be assured of a friendly welcome.
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