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Charity Street, Carlton Scroop, Grantham, Lincolnshire.  NG32 3AT

Driving Range Fees

Sudbrook Moor's Driving Range is open for use by Members and Non-Members. There are no charges for using the range except the purchase of range balls. No tickets are required just turn up buy a basket of balls and go and hit them.
The Fees
Our range does not use the low compression or percentage balls found at other ranges. We use standard golfballs so our range users can get an accurate distance measure with their clubs.

Range Balls are aquired from the two Dispensers located near the shop entrance. The machines take 50p, £1 & £2 Coins and are programmed to vend at several amounts.
£2 = 50 Balls
£3 = 80 Balls
£4 = 120 Balls
Warm-up Special: £1 = 20 Balls
The machines are fitted with an optical sensor and computer to count and dispense the correct quantity of balls for the amount submitted. To Vend Balls please insert coins to the value of the quantity you require and then press the Orange 'Vend' Button. Also much the same as with the Ticket Machine, please allow each coin to drop and register before inserting the next coin or sometimes the machine can fail to register a coin and will not vend.

Member's Discounts

Sudbrook Moor Members have the option to receive discounted range balls in two forms. The first being a Range Token. These cost £3 and will give the Member 120 balls in one dispense. If you are going to do a lot of practice this is a cost saving option as you basically get £4 worth of balls for £3.
Tokens are available for purchase at the Shop Counter.