The Catering Department @ A Room with a View
Welcome to  2019

January Message of thanks
Thank you for your massive support of Fiona's Christmas Fayre in December 2018


A message from all the Team in 2019

Fiona, Denise, Tilly and Fleur thank you all 

for making the Clubhouse  a fun place to be.

  They love your daily supply of banter and look forward to serving you in the coming year

Don't forget those special *dates* during the year, when you could order a cake or gift from Fiona's range.  OR book a table at Fiona's and bring the party to eat from the great menu.

* and special anniversaries, plus the many birthdays of family and friends. *



February Message  : Thursday 14th February -  Valentine celebrations all over the world.   Come and a share a round of golf and a clubhouse lunch

2019 March message : 
 Mothering Sunday is 31st  March -
 bring Mum and Nana for a meal,
 Monday to Saturday: Open 10am to 4pm

2019 April message   :  Come and enjoy a family meal over Easter
Friday 19th, Saturday 20th, Monday 22nd

Catering open
 Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm

2019 June message :  
Fathers' Day is Sunday 16th June -
allow Dad to have a round of golf ???
Catering open
 Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm

Fiona has launched her Festive Fare, and her list of DELICIOUS homemade foodie items is now available.  Please place your annual orders very urgently.
                AUGUST UPDATE 2017 -
Sorry we had to say GOODBYE to Lisa during the late summer, and we wish her well in her new job.  Sorry too, that we shall see less of Karen who also has a new job.  However, she will be with us from time to time, as she helps the team on occasions.  We welcome Joleen, in their place, and hope she will be very happy with us.
Don't forget those special dates during the year, when you could order a cake or gift from Fiona's range.  OR book a table at Fiona's and bring the party to eat from the great menu.


 and special anniversaries plus the many birthdays of family and friends.

Fiona's Room with a View...

Rush to see Fiona's new 

Homemade Christmas range

or give Fiona a ring to chat

 about your festive gift list









             OR JUST TO SAY 

                   "THANK YOU" OR

                            "I LOVE YOU" OR 

                                       "WELL DONE"

              A GIFT FOR EVERY

                AND ANY  OCCASION

Might you be struggling for gift ideas this Christmas?

Don't worry, we can make you the perfect present suitable for anyone,

from Grandad Noël to Auntie Carol


Choose from

Fiona's Festive Selection of Treats

or just tell us how much that special person is worth!!!! (Priceless we hope)


We can then put together a tailored selection of traditional Christmas goodies. You won't even need to wrap them, this is all included in your special gift


What could be simpler?


If you have any questions or want to discuss your requirements further just ask


We will do our best to make this Christmas as smooth as your golf swing!!!!

If you have a food allergy

please ask a member of staff

for foods and dishes that are suitable for you.

Fiona's Festive Selection of Treats


Homemade 5” Christmas Cakes - £9

Decorated in the tradition way of marzipan and icing finished with a simple holly decoration.

Quality ingredients used including copious amounts of Brandy, Sherry and Port (you can never have too much!!!)

Glacé cherries, sultanas, raisins, mixed peel and currants.

Almonds, walnuts, orange and lemon zest orange marmalade and a mixture of traditional spices, for example mixed spice, cinnamon, nutmeg and almond essence.


Homemade Frangipane mince pies - 55p each or £3 for 6

A little different but just as tasty made with almonds for a creamy finish!!!


Homemade creamy mince pies - 55p each or £3 for 6

Fi's special recipe made with quality mince meat with added grated orange zest and grated apple with a secret ingredient to finish that makes you ask “what makes that so creamy” low calorie of course!!                          


Homemade Sloe Gin - from £4.95

A selection of sizes presented in lovely bottles for that special person in your life, or if you fancy a little tipple on the 9th then treat yourself, it will warm the tips of your fingers and your toes and put a Rosie Red colour on your nose!!!!


Fi's good old Sausage Roll - £1.20 each or 6 for £7

Perfect for when you have those unexpected guests!!  Straight out the freezer into the oven for 10 mins, next thing your nibbling on that tasty, sweet, Or is it savoury???   You decide


Homemade Xmas Orange, Cranberry and Walnut Biscuits – 50p for one or £2.80 for 6

Fed up with chocolate? Then these are for you, will keep for up to two weeks in an airtight container, but once you've had one you can't resist just one more.  



If you would like to order a selection of items, I can display them in a seasonal Hamper wrapped and lovingly sealed for that perfect Christmas present individualy selected by you to your loved one. (individualy priced)


Just place and pay for your order at the Hatch along with your telephone number, name and collection date you would prefer.  We will then have all your goodies fresh for collection on your chosen day........


Many thanks for your purchases and your support through out the year, I would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and an eventful, healthy and exciting New Year.   

Happy Christmas - Fiona

The Clubhouse is open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 4pm during the Winter and 10am to 5pm during the Summer.

The Clubhouse is open on Bank Holiday Mondays, except for the Christmas break.

The Clubhouse is Closed on Sundays, but there is a Vending Machine for Hot Drinks.  ( Chocolate and Soft Drinks available from the Golf Shop )

The Clubhouse does have an Alcohol and Entertainment License.


Fiona Hutton

Telephone:   01400 250876

  Please feel free to phone in your order

and we will do our utmost to get your food

ready so you can eat as soon as you come in.

If you cannot see what you would like,  

please just ask and we will do our best to accommodate.



All Day Breakfast:   2 Rounds Toast, 2 Rashers Bacon, 1 Lincolnshire

Flat Sausage, Tinned Tomatoes, Beans & Fried Egg      £5.00


 Crumpet Special:   2 Crumpets, 2 Rashers of Bacon,

1 Egg & Melted Grated Cheese     £4.00

2 Egg Omelet, Side Salad, 1 Filling & Chips     £5.50

3 Egg Omelet, Side Salad, 1 Filling & Chips       £6.00

Toasted Sandwich Served with Side Salad, 1 Filling       £2.50

Extra Fillings @ 30p - Cheese, Tom, Ham, Mushrooms, Onions.


Home Made Curry, Rice, Naan & Chutney          £5.00

Home Made Chilli or Bolognaise, Rice, Spag or Jacket Potato         £4.70

Battered Cod, Mushy Peas, Slice of Lemon, Chips, Tartar Sauce      £5.80


2 Salmon & Dill Fishcakes, Side Salad & Chips         £6.50

2 Salmon & Dill Fishcakes Served on a Crisp Salad

with Salad Dressing & Chilli Mayo      £5.70


Scampi, Peas & Chips        £5.50

Chicken Nuggets, Chips & Beans or Peas        £4.40

Childs Portion        £3.80

Bacon, Eggs, Chips & Beans        £4.50

Sausage, Eggs, Chips & Beans        £4.60

Egg, Chips & Beans        £3.20

Lincolnshire Ham, Egg & Chips        £4.50

Large Steak & Kidney Pudding, Peas, Chips & Gravy        £6.50

Chicago Pizza, Chips & Beans         £4.40

Cornish Pastie, Chips & Beans        £4.80





Home Made Seasonal Soups Served with a Roll

( Please ask for Flavours )      £3.50


  Jacket Potatoes


Jacket Potato served with a Side Salad and 1 Filling       £3.50

Extra Fillings @ 50p ? Grated Mature Cheddar, Beans, Tuna Mayo


Breakfast Baps White or Whole Meal


Bacon Bap          £2.95

Sausage Bap          £3.00

Bacon & Sausage Bap          £4.50

Bacon   & Egg Bap          £3.45

Sausage   & Egg Bap          £3.50

Fried Egg Bap          £2.10

Eggy Bread & Baked Beans         £3.50

Chips          £1.80

Chip Butty          £2.20

Favourite Hot Baps


Bacon Brie & Cranberry         £3.50

Melted Brie & Cranberry        £2.60

Melted Brie & Tuna Mayo       £3.10


Melted Stilton & Mango Chutney       £2.70


Melted Goat?s Cheese & Tomato       £2.70

Melted Goat?s Cheese & Caramelized Onion       £2.80


lb Suddie Burger        £2.80

lb Suddie Burger        £3.60

Extras   All   70p


Grated Cheese        Brie        Mushrooms        Sliced Cheese

Soft Cheese        Avocado        Stilton        Onions        Tomato

Cold Filled Baps   /   Sandwich


Stilton, Pear & Walnut         £2.90


Egg, Lincolnshire Ham & Wholegrain Mustard Mayo         £3.10


Egg, Avocado & Tomato           £3.10
Avocado & Soft Cheese       £2.90

Lincolnshire Ham & Soft Cheese          £3.00

All above can be served with chips & side salad add   £1.50

Meals on Toast


2 Slices of Toast, 2 Eggs ( Fried, Poached or Scrambled ),
Beans, Tomatoes or Spaghetti           £2.90

? Meal   1 Slice            £1.60

Toasted Tea Cake            £1.00

Toast 2 Rounds            £1.00

Crumpets   2                60p

Jam / Marmalade                20p

Butter Portion                10p



  Fi s Salad:

   Bacon, Avocado, Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Onion & Egg        £4.50


  Tuna Salad:

  Lettuce, Tom, Onion, Cucumber with Salad Cream or Mayo        £4.10


  Goats Cheese:

  Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Cucumber & Bacon         £4.50



  Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Cucumber & Mustard Mayo        £4.50


 Tortilla Wraps Filled with Lettuce, Onion, Cucumber and Tomato

  Choice of Ham, Grated Cheese, or Tuna Mayo 1 Filling       £2.50

Extra Fillings        30p

Hot Drinks


  Standard Tea              90p

  Flavoured Tea           £1.00

  Filter Coffee           £1.00

  Hot Choc             90p

  Instant Coffee / De cafe           80p  

   Dolce and Gusto Latte - Cappuccino or Hot Choc      £1.80  

  Lungo          £1.15

  Hot Choc Special          £1.50

Irish Liqueur Coffee        £2.00

Cold Drinks


Milk Shakes :   Choc/Straw/Rasp ? or 1 Pint          90p / £1.80

OJ   ? or 1 Pint          80p / £1.60

Lemonade   ? or 1 Pint         70p/ £1.40

Squash :   Blackcurrant/Lime/Orange ? or 1 Pint          50p / £1.00

Tin of Coke                  £1.00

Tin of Ginger Beer                       70p

Capri Suns                     60p

Bottled Water                     80p

Alcoholic Drinks:

Tins of Lager or Bitter             £2.20

Tin of Guinness                        £2.30

Tin of Strongbow                     £2.20

Bottle of Bulmer?s Cider        £3.00

Large Glass of Wine                £3.60

Small Glass of Wine                £3.30

Bottle of Red / White Wine    £9.00

Bottle of Cava                         £13.00