We have decided to pilot the idea of Members  ( and Visitors ) Exchange and Purchase pages on our website.   In the first instance the whole process will be manual.

The idea is born out of the fact that we are constantly asked by customers, who would like to sell a particular item, if we know of anyone who wants it.

This is primarily a local market place  ( Grantham and surrounding areas ).  However, items may be sent further afield by carrier.

You decide which unwanted golf or other items you would like to dispose of.

You email the details to us, with photos of the items and the price you want for them.

We post the items on these pages and a charge a flat rate for a month with no further charges or percentages on completion of any purchases or deals.

As this is a local market, you make arrangements with each other for exchanges or purchases.

We will post some Golf Shop Items on the pages, clearly marking - This is a Golf Shop Item.

Except for Golf Shop Items, we are not responsible for the authenticity of the items posted or are able to guarantee items posted by other sellers.

The charges for a calendar month post of an item or group of items will be:-
£2 up to £20
£3 over £20
£4 over £50
£5 over £100
There will be no further charges or percentages on completion of any purchases or deals.

So this is what you need to do:-

email the following information to
timhuttongolf@aol.com clearly marking the Subject as Exchange and Purchase.

Describe the item or batch of items and attach a small photograph if possible, with the price you want.

Your email address, which will be posted on the page, but not as a link for the time being.

Your telephone number. ( optional )

For the time being, we will collect the monthly charge from you at the Golf Shop, when we see you.

If this pilot scheme is successful, we will create a more elaborate site.

What you have to sell or exchange may be just what someone is looking for, so please send us the information as soon as possible and we will get up and running.

Tim, Pete and Bob at the Golf Shop.
Tel. 01400 250111                                                                 29th December 2011