Pay As You Golf Members:

Top-up your Wallet on BRS with whatever amount you choose from 1 Green Fee upwards. (£1 per point)

In the event of the Golf Course being declared unplayable or in Lockdown:
If you have a booked Tee Time, please be ready to delete, it before your Tee Time, to receive a refund to your Wallet.

BRS security is underpinned by “Stripe”, leaders in payment management systems. (eg used by Amazon)

If you book a time and put your Playing Partners in as well, their Green Fees will be drawn from their Wallets. ( They will need enough points in their Wallets )

If you cancel your booking any time before your Tee-Time, your Wallet will be refunded.

Members please get the BRS Golf App from your App Store.

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Those Members who have supplied us with your email address recently will have received your registration notification for online booking at Sudbrook Moor Golf Club.

If you have not received this, please send your email address to

(Golf Shop Reception and all enquiries : 01400 250111)

Follow the steps of the registration process:

  • Please take a note of your user ID number (write it down please).
  • Create your password and please remember it!
  • When we receive your registration we will enable your online booking.

Please allow a few days for us to do this.

Please download the BRS GOLF App for your convenience.