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Sudbrook Moor are an authorised retailer of Skycaddie GPS devices and Skycaddie Accessories.
Skycaddie items are stocked and available from our shop for you to purchase at anytime. We can post items to those people who aren't residents of the local area.
Please contact us via the form at the bottom of this page or via email at or telephone us on: 01400 250111 to make enquiries or purchase any Skycaddie device or Accessories. We'll aim to offer great service and ensure our prices are the most competitive. Please note due to Skycaddie Terms & Conditions placed upon their Account Holders, we are unable to provide direct 'Click & Buy' methods of purchasing either through this website or other internet sites. Please note that Official Skycaddie Accounts are not permitted to sell product over the internet this way. Any websites offering this method of purchase should be considered fraudulent. Only purchase Skycaddies through a trusted Account Holder as Skycaddie & Skygolf can block illegally sold Skycaddies via the Serial Number built into the devices.

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