Special "Taster" opportunities to try GOLF at Sudbrook Moor:

3 Private Coaching Sessions £60 with AA PGA Professional Ben Hutton
( includes 2 months' complimentary Sudbrook Moor Membership )

Wednesdays - 9.15am Mixed Starters' Clinic £6  (2020 prices)
includes PGA Professional tuition, all equipment and a coffee in the Clubhouse.

includes PGA Professional tuition, all equipment and a coffee in the Clubhouse.
Saturdays - 10am Free Junior Clinic includes all equipment.
Come on your own or with a friend, you will be very welcome.

Standard 30 minute lesson.
This is the most common choice of lesson people take at Sudbrook Moor.
A 30 minute coaching session takes place in the Tuition Bay, with end of session evaluation and comments from the Professional.
These sessions cost £21 and includes the cost of balls used and any equipment provided.
Fees to be paid to the Professional at the time of the lesson or in the Pro Shop.
Payments made in the Pro Shop must clearly state the name of the Professional providing the lesson and the duration of the lesson so Shop Staff can take and record the correct fee.
Extended Lessons/Shared Lessons:
There is an option to purchase an extended lesson for a duration longer then 30 minutes. This is ideal if Partners, Friends, Children want a shared lesson on the same day. An individual could book an extended lesson but may find the extended session very strenuous and mentally demanding.
Playing Lessons:
Another option open to people is the opportunity to have a 1 to 1 playing lesson with the Professional. This is usually conducted over 9 holes of play. Here you will be given greater help on issues like Course Management, Alignment, Club Selection and Shot Selection.
Fee for this type of lesson is usually between £50 and £70 depending on length of time on the course. Your green fee will be included in this cost.
Video Lessons:
We also offer people the chance to have a video lesson. This will be very similar to the standard lesson in format, with the difference being a camera will be used to capture a sample of swings usually a 'Before & After' type of thing, where by swings at the start of the lesson are captured then after receiving coaching some further swings are captured. This footage can then be loaded in our Analysis Software for further evaluation and allow the Professional to then give the customer further feeback, printouts with key points or faults highlighted can be provided for reference.

These lessons are provided by Ben Hutton so need to be booked with Ben and availability of these Lessons is dependent on Ben being available to do the camera recording and transfering of video footage to the PC and intergrating it into the Software. These lessons are charged at £30 Per 30 minute Lesson.